Neighbourhoods in Tel-Aviv

The first thing to keep in mind about Tel Aviv is that it’s small.
We will be concentrating predominantly on Tel Aviv’s central neighbourhoods.
For your information, anything north of the Yarkon river is suburban and family oriented. Living there without owning a car is a pain. If you plan on owning a car, maybe working in the high-tech industry park in Herzliya or raising children while sitting in one of few suburban cafes or the big shopping centre in Ramat Aviv as your usual means of entertainment, then you’ll fit right in.
If you want to experience Tel Aviv’s finer points more frequently, though, look further south.

Anything east of the Ayalon freeway is equally far out of the centre and some neighbourhoods (like HaTikva) can also be a bit unpleasant and sometimes unsafe. The western bits of Yad Eliyahu, while very residential and not that exciting, are not actually that far from some parts of the centre if you have a car or enjoy cycling for more than 15-20 minutes.

Neighbourhoods like Montifiore in the east (not to be confused with the street by the same name) and Bavli in the north are generally far away from everything as well, but have their own advantages (Montifiore is cheap, while Bavli is right by the Yarkon River, so very green).

Tel-Aviv is divided to quaters, the numbers begin from the north to the south.
Mostly when you'll look for an apartment people just mention the neighbourhood name.
Lev Hair (city center)
Required budget: 6,500ILS/month for a 2 room apartment.
Lev Hair is one of the best locations in the city, you can be close to everything, this area is full of shopping, coffee places, restaurants, and the wide variety of people. The main streets are very noisy but some side streets can be very quiet and good to live at, Sderot Hen, Shenkin and Rothchild avenue is the most trendy and classy streets but very expensive at the same time. Don't expect to find available parking in this area very easily though transportation is always an easy alternative.
Good for young people and families.

Neve Tzedek
Required budget: 7,000ILS/month for a 2 room house.
Neve Tzedek is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. This neighborhood is full of fined decorated houses with a village vibe, lots of green and quietness. In this neighborhood, you won't see lots of cars and you might notice lots of tourists and visitors instead. This area isn't cheap but very unique.
Good for artists and hipster wealthy people.

Required budget: 4,500ILS/month for a 2 room apartment.
Florentin is located in the southern area of Tel Aviv, the neighborhood is full of young people and new families who wanna live in Tel Aviv without going bankrupt. The neighborhood used to be very shady in the past but for 2 decades already there's a huge improvement, there are lots of pubs, cafe, and great nightlife. Transportation here is very fair and lately, there's lots of new construction which only improves the area.
Good for hipsters and low budget people who still wanna stay in Tel-Aviv and enjoy it nearby.

The old north (aka Hatsafon Hayashan)
Required budget: 6,500ILS/month for a 2 room apartment.
This area isn't very posh or crowded, you can live near everything and also enjoy some quiet moments. There are some bars and quiet pubs nearby, this area also have schools and kindergartens everywhere.
Good for families or people in their thirties.
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